Developing disruptive technologies for sustainable production of lithium chemicals

Lithium Chemicals develops disruptive technologies to sustainably produce lithium chemicals from what are currently waste or low-grade lithium minerals and concentrates.

What we do better

In order to support a sustainable lithium battery industry, we create and commercialise innovative technologies to produce lithium chemicals from waste or low-grade sources. Our two main technologies are LieNA® for processing spodumene and SiLeach® for treating lithium mica minerals.

Here’s how

We unlock value from waste or low-grade sources of hard rock lithium by investing in targeted research and development activities. Our technologies have been developed through a long-term collaboration with ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) Minerals.

Technology we
have developed


LieNA® is a novel process that eliminates the need for high-temperature conversion of spodumene (~1,000°C or α to β conversion). Fine spodumene reacts with caustic soda in an autoclave to form lithium sodalite, from which lithium can be readily recovered via selective leaching in weak acid.

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SiLeach® efficiently processes lithium mica minerals, recovering valuable metals with low energy consumption and high recoveries. SiLeach® offers extensive by-product optionality, potentially becoming the benchmark for extracting lithium from mica minerals. We are looking for partners with a desire to value-add improve sustainability of mica mineral processing.
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Collaboration with world class institutions

Since 2015, Lithium Australia has collaborated with ANSTO’s Minerals Unit to develop a world-first processing technology, LieNa® designed to extract lithium from discarded mining waste. It enables the overwhelming majority – at around 95 per cent – of lithium to be extracted from the spodumene mineral concentrate. 

Our partners

Our impact

We are sustainable and ethical
Our LieNA® patented technology has the potential to enhance lithium extraction yields by up to 50% over current market performance.
We deliver waste reduction
The technology targets fine and low-grade ores – usually disposed of as waste streams, improving mining output, efficiency, sustainability and profitability for lithium mine operators.
Drivers of the future
Demand will be driven by – electric transportation, communication and consumer electronics, power storage, smart grids, and infrastructure-sharing.
Recovery Increase
60% to 90% lithium recovery increase assumes LieNA® converts 75% of the lithium units currently going to waste, into a battery grade chemical
Mining Yield
Has delivered a 50% improvement in mining yield.
Mining Life
Has delivered a 30% improvement in mine life.