Welcome to Australia’s leading onshore lithium battery recycling company

Envirostream Australia is the first onshore company to offer lithium and mixed battery recycling in Australia. Launched in 2017, we’ve developed safe and innovative management solutions for one of the Australian waste industry’s biggest challenges: lithium-ion battery recycling.

What we provide

Our Australian lithium battery recycling company specializes in responsibly handling end-of-life batteries. We employ cutting-edge technologies to recover valuable materials while minimizing environmental impact. Committed to sustainability, we contribute to a circular economy by diverting batteries from landfills and promoting resource conservation for a greener future.

Here’s how

Envirostream safely discharges, dismantles, shreds and recovers materials through a highly controlled process. Batteries are shred, washed and screened to allow recovery of the valuable materials within them. This way batteries are diverted from landfill and no harm is done to the environment.

The proof behind our technology

How our processing works

Envirostream uses a wet-shredding and washing process to control risks at our EPA-licenced facility located in Melbourne, Victoria.

Safe handling is paramount

Our safe facilities incorporate high level controls, such as fire bays and VESDA systems. Reducing risk associated with handling and processing.

Safe and reliable collection

Dangerous Goods rated boxes and fire-resistant liners are used to collect and transport batteries from across Australia.

Our clients

Maximising environmental impact,
maximising sustainability

Materials Recovered through Processing
Redirecting battery waste from landfill, promoting recycling, resource recovery, and reuse, enables us to minimise environmental impact and preserve our precious environment.
Maximising Resource Recovery
Our processes capture precious battery materials such as copper, aluminium, plastic, steel and mixed metal dust through EPA licensed processing facility.
Growing the Circular Economy
Mixed metal dust produced from processed lithium-ion batteries is sent to battery manufacturers to produce new batteries. Whilst the metals go to local recyclers.


Join us in our mission to divert batteries from landfills. Download our brochure to learn how we’re recycling responsibly and preserving the environment. Together, let’s energise a better world.

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Envirostream has partners across all aspects of the recycling chain – from secure feedstocks and offtakes through to industry associations and government departments. As such we are able to provide assistance in all areas.

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How we’ve been tracking

Total Landfill Diversion
Total kgs of batteries Envirostream diverted from landfill in 2023. Significantly minimising environmental impact.
AA Sized Batteries
The equivalent of AA sized batteries we have diverted from landfill in 2023.
Electric Vehicle Batteries
The estimated number of electric vehicle battery packs (equivalent) which will be diverted from landfill in FY25.


How does Envirostream recycle batteries?

Envirostream’s battery recycling technology, which is based on international best practice, uses a combination of mechanical and hydraulic separation techniques to recover around 95% of the materials that make up a battery. Importantly, no incineration is involved. To find out more, contact us or refer to our section on processing.

What are Envirostream’s options for battery collection and what costs are involved?

Recycling batteries incurs a cost per kilogram based on the exact chemistry of the battery. Different chemistries can require different safety requirements when processing and create different valued outputs after processing. Contact Envirostream to obtain a quote for your battery recycling today.
Envirostream has a range of collection units, storage pallets and Dangerous Goods (DG) certified packaging that can all be found in the Recycling Hub section of our site under the form “Order Your Packaging.” Feel free to contact Envirostream directly via the Contact Us section for the latest brochures on all collection items and packaging available.

What services does Envirostream offer in terms of transporting spent batteries?

Envirostream offers a complete origin-to-end battery processing system that can include custom online booking forms, transportation and reporting. We can design a collection model that meet the needs of your organisation, contact our helpful team today to discuss your organisation’s needs.

What types of spent batteries does Envirostream accept for recycling?

Envirostream recycles all chemistries of spent batteries, including alkaline, Li-ion, nickel metal hydride, lead acid and nickel cadmium. Envirostream also accepts battery embedded devices including mobile phones and e-cigarettes/vapes.