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Lithium Australia aspires to ‘close the loop’ on the energy-metal cycle. Its disruptive technologies are designed to furnish the lithium battery industry with ethical and sustainable supply solutions. Lithium Australia’s technology comprises the SiLeach® and LieNA® lithium extraction processes, along with superior cathode material production courtesy of VSPC Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Lithium Australia) and enhanced recycling techniques for battery materials. By uniting resources and the best available technology, Lithium Australia seeks to establish a vertically integrated lithium processing business.

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STOP PRESS: Lithium Australia has been chosen as a finalist in the ‘Environmental solution’ section of the Endeavour Awards, for its revolutionary LieNA® technology. The results will be announced in July 2020.


11-12 December 2019, Perth, Western Australia.
New World Metals conference
Innovation in Australian battery recycling 18 pages (11.2MB)

In the news

Lithium Australia to produce fertiliser supplements from spent batteriesThe West Australian | By Matt Birney

Lithium Australia has recovered used alkaline battery metal dust and used it as a micro-nutrient supplement for plant fertilisers.

In an extraordinary demonstration of its aim to “close the loop” on the energy-metal cycle, Lithium Australia has tabled its initial results from test work using recovered alkaline battery metal dust to create a micro-nutrient supplement for plant fertilisers.

Griffin calls for COVID-19 caution and care
06 April 2020 – Mining Monthly | By Karma Barndon

LITHIUM Australia managing director Adrian Griffin is encouraging people to show concern for others and act with caution regarding their own exposure to COVID-19 as the pandemic causes the company to slash costs and join the queue for the federal government’s COVID-19-busting JobKeeper program. View article

Lithium Australia’s 1H FY20 In Focus: A Step Ahead In Creating A Circular Battery Economy
17 March 2020 – Kalkine Media | By Team Kalkine

Perth, Australia-based Lithium Australia NL (ASX: LIT) extracts, acquires, recovers and develops lithium projects and aims to sustainably close the loop on the energy-metal cycle, and thus create a circular battery economy with recycling of old lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) intrinsic to this plan.

Lithium Australia’s VSPC receives $1.6m government grant to develop fast-charging lithium-ion batteries for trams
12 Small Caps | By Lorna Nicholas

Lithium Australia’s VSPC will develop fast-charging batteries for next generation trams in collaboration with CSIRO, University of Queensland and Soluna Australia.

Lithium Australia’s (ASX: LIT) wholly-owned subsidiary VSPC has secured a $1.6 million federal government grant to advance a $5 million battery development program focused on developing fast-charging lithium-ion batteries for trams.

Full interview: Lithium Australia outlines 2020 strategy
28th January 2020 – Proactive Investors | By Benjamin Starr

Lithium Australia NL (ASX:LIT) managing director Adrian Griffin discusses the company’s vision and plans for 2020 with Proactive’s Benjamin Starr.

The company has an integrated strategy aimed at servicing the lithium battery industry and this includes resources, technology, processing and recycling.

After making great strides in 2019, the company has set a strong foundation for continuing growth and development in the next 12 months.

Full interview:

Lithium Australia secures $6.3 million through funding agreement with The Lind Partners
18th December 2019 – Proactive Investors | By Karen Tan

Lithium Australia NL (ASX:LIT) managing director Adrian Griffin updates Proactive on a $6.4 million funding agreement with The Lind Partners, long-time supporters of the company’s diversified battery strategy.

Lind has agreed to invest in the company through a convertible security and share purchase funding agreement with an initial investment of $3 million to fund battery sales and battery recycling growth.

Proceeds will be used alongside Lithium Australia’s current cash to fund the growth of the Soluna Australia battery business, commercialisation of the company’s cathode business and growth of its battery recycling business.

Full interview:

HotCopper Corporate Spotlight
11-12 December 2019
NEW WORLD METALS – Interview with Adrian Griffin

Resources Roadhouse
11-12 December 2019
Adrian Griffin New World Metals Conference 2019

Lithium Australia NL (ASX:LIT) managing director Adrian Griffin updates Proactive on the company’s 24% subsidiary Envirostream Australia Pty Ltd signing an MoU with South Korean company SungEel HiTech Co Ltd.

SungEel recovers critical energy metals from LIB scrap and has become one of the world’s largest battery recyclers.

This company has agreed that Envirostream will have exclusivity of mixed metal dust (MMD) supply from Australia.

Envirostream is the only company in Australia with the integrated capacity to collect, sort, shred and separate all the components of spent LIBs.

Full interview: