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Lithium Australia aspires to ‘close the loop’ on the energy-metal cycle. Its disruptive technologies are designed to furnish the lithium battery industry with ethical and sustainable supply solutions. Lithium Investment Australia’s technology comprises the SiLeach® and LieNA® lithium Stocks asx extraction processes, along with superior cathode material production courtesy of VSPC Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Lithium Australia lithium stocks) and enhanced recycling techniques for battery materials. For direct exposure  is among the top lithium stocks to buy.By uniting resources and the best available technology, Best Lithium Stocks Australia seeks to establish a vertically integrated lithium mining stocks processing business.High Risk/High Reward Lithium Companies To Invest In.

Management update

LIT newsletter

Adrian Griffin discusses Lithium Valley
Regional Development Australia
Lithium Valley Summary Document May 2018 24 pages (5.3mb)


Adrian Griffin – Lithium Australia – 121 Mining Investment, New York 2018


Lithium Australia – 121 Mining Investment, New York 2018

Latest ASX announcements

10 August 2018
Release from escrow 1 page (487.1KB)

31 July 2018
Quarterly Activities Report and Quarterly Cashflow Report 17 pages (1.6MB)

27 July 2018
Appendix 3B 14 pages (453.0KB)

25 July 2018
LIT to pilot test mica concentrates from WA’s Lithium Fields 2 pages (298.6KB)

18 July 2018
Lithium Australia cathode plant generates commercial samples 1 page (218.1KB)

26 June 2018
Appendix 3B 14 pages (458.0KB)

26 June 2018
Energy Revolution Closing the loop in the Energy Metal Cycle 19 pages (1.9MB)

14 June 2018
Appendix 3B 14 pages (457.5KB

13 June 2018
LIT breaks new ground in processing technology 2 pages (199.0KB)

12 June 2018
LIT acquires significant resource close to Europe EV industry 4 pages (649.0KB)

07 June 2018
Further cobalt copper and lithium hits LIT’s Eichigt project 19 pages (1.1MB)

01 June 2018
Retraction of statement of Sadisdorf Production Target 1 page (157.8KB)

31 May 2018
Appendix 3B 14 pages (457.1KB)

30 May 2018
LIT discovers cobalt mineralization at Eichigt in Germany 11 pages (585.6KB)

29 May 2018
VSPC Release from escrow trading notice 1 page (166.9KB)

In the news

Resources Roadhouse

Resources Roadhouse: Mooted tax changes threaten emerging miners.

08 August 2018 – Resources Roadhouse

Wally Graham discusses proposed changes to the Research and Development Tax Incentive that threatens to hinder emerging miners.

WA Lithium Valley concept at risk: Lithium Australia
19 July 2018 – Business News | By Matt Birney

Western Australia’s opportunity to carve out a larger share of the $213bn lithium-based battery value chain could be under threat by federal Government moves to change the existing research and development grants and rebates system in its latest Budget.

Lithium Australia makes strides in war on waste
25 July 2018 – Finfeed Mining

When it comes to global gold production, Western Australia’s prestigious goldfields rank second after China. By way of contrast, WA is now the world’s largest lithium producer, given the state’s “lithium fields”. These host abundant pegmatites, many of which contain lithium micas – which have long been considered waste by the mining industry.

Lithium Australia commences production of lithium ion cathodes from VSPC
23 July 2018 – Proactive Investors Australia

Lithium Australia (ASX:LIT) is a processing technology business with one of its major projects in Germany. The company has also been working on a lithium-ion cathode production facility, entitled the Very Small Particle Company, which has just started producing lithium-ion phosphate.

LIT acquires significant resource close to European EV industry
10 July 2018 – Boardroom Media

Lithium Australia (ASX:LIT) will, subject to regulatory requirements, acquire 100% of the Sadisdorf lithium/tin resource from Tin International AG. Consultant CSA Global has estimated that the Sadisdorf Project has an Inferred Mineral Resource of 25 million tonnes grading 0.45% Li2. Significantly the lithium is contained within lithium micas within alteration around tin mineralization, the latter being the subject of historic mining. The lithium micas can be readily concentrated after the removal of tin by conventional gravity separation. Lithium has been very successfully extracted from Sadisdorf mica concentrates using LIT’s SiLeach® process.

Lithium Australia’s proprietary SiLeach® process is a ‘silver bullet’ for lithium extraction
June 2018 – Proactive Investors Australia

Adrian Griffin, managing director of Lithium Australia NL (ASX:LIT), speaks to Proactive Investors about the integrated battery metal producer’s proprietary SiLeach® lithium processing technology.

Last week the company applied for two global patents relating to the production and recovery of lithium phosphate and lithium sulphate from lithium-bearing silicates.The enhancements will reduce capital and operating costs and improve product quality.

“For us it is the silver bullet because potentially it reduces capital costs and operating costs, so that’s quite significant. It also helps us produce a lithium chemical with a much higher purity; we can take the lithium through to carbonate or hydroxide, or as the phosphate as the case may be. And that step – removing the lithium as a phosphate – is not only a step that takes the lithium out of solution at lower concentrations, but also helps us to purify that solution as we do that process,” explains Griffin.

Lithium Australia’s purchase of Sadisdorf further aligns it to European EV industry
13 June 2018 – Proactive Investors Australia

Lithium Australia NL (ASX:LIT) managing director Adrian Griffin speaks to Proactive Investors about the integrated battery metal producer’s recently announced purchase of the Sadisdorf Lithium Tin Project in Saxony, Germany from Tin International AG.

It was a farm-in and joint-venture with Tin International. The recent drilling that we’ve done does confirm the size of the deposit, and it’s open, so will grow… We’ve looked at the mineralogy, we know what the lithium distribution is, we’ve got access to underground workings so we’ve re-sampled much of that. So we can see the deposit in three dimensions, you can walk through it, and that gives you a lot of confidence. Not only that, we have produced lithium concentrate from it, and taken that right through to the extraction of lithium. So we see it as relatively low risk,” says Griffin.

Lithium Australia patents new lithium processing tech
13 June 2018 – Business News | By Matt Birney

ASX listed Lithium Australia will file two additional patents over its chemical based SiLeach® lithium extraction process to lock up the process of recovering lithium without extensive evaporation.

Lithium Australia announces most recent, very high grades found at Eichigt project
07 June 2018 – Proactive Investors Australia

Lithium Australia NL (ASX:LIT) Managing Director Adrian Griffin tells Proactive Investors the lithium mining company is in New York for the 121 Mining Conference and has some exciting news regarding significant cobalt findings.

Griffin says Lithium Australia had found extensive copper vein systems at their Eichigt project in Germany, discovering not only copper but lithium and cobalt within the vein. Griffin says the most recent samples have come up to about 1.5% cobalt, about 0.5% copper, and 0.7% lithium.

Cobalt discovery gives Lithium Australia ‘another string to our bow’
01 June 2018 – Proactive Investors Australia

Lithium Australia NL (ASX:LIT) managing director Adrian Griffin speaks to Proactive Investors about the integrated battery metal producer’s recent surprise discovery of cobalt at the Eichigt project, near its flagship resource at Sadisdorf in Saxony, Germany.

“The style of mineralisation is quite interesting in that copper, cobalt, manganese and lithium doesn’t occur together in many mineral occurrences… we are of course on the doorstep of the EV industry in Europe, and that EV industry will have a requirement for a lot of cobalt over the next few decades, I would imagine, and beyond. So this gives us a very good exploration target to service those markets,” says Griffin.

Lithium Australia ‘closing the loop’ on producing cathode powder from waste materials
31 May 2018 – Proactive Investors Australia

Lithium Australia NL (ASX:LIT) managing director Adrian Griffin explains the company’s innovative and integrated approach to producing the in-demand battery metal, which includes proprietary technologies for tailings processing and battery recycling.