At Lithium Australia, we’re energising a better world.

At Lithium Australia, sustainability underpins our circular economy approach to electrification. Through end-to-end processes, we accelerate toward a decarbonised world, delivering innovative solutions, while prioritising environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and safety. Energizing a better world.

Our Company

What we do

Lithium Chemicals

Lithium Chemicals is innovating sustainable lithium production. By developing cutting-edge, disruptive technology to transform overlooked lithium waste, or low-grade lithium materials or concentrates, into high-quality lithium chemicals. Helping energise a better world for all.

Battery Materials

Using a patented production process, we manufacture LFP/LMFP cathode powder, which have been verified using a commercially competitive process. Making us one of few companies outside China to successfully produce LFP.

Battery Recycling

We contribute to the circular economy by responsibly handling end-of-life batteries, using cutting-edge, sustainable technologies to recover valuable materials. Therefore, diverting batteries from landfill while minimising environmental impact.

“We are proudly Australian, standing on the global stage, with core values of environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Combined with cutting-edge technology, indisputable science, and inventive solutions that deliver for all.”


What is the processing capacity for recycling batteries in Australia?

Current processing capacity is 3,000 tonnes per annum. Envirostream is continually improving its processes to increase capacity, improve yields and to meet market demand.

How do we set up battery recycling with Lithium Australia?

Our helpful Customer Solutions team can assist in understanding your business’s recycling needs in terms of your volumes, locations, packaging and transport needs. Feel free to call or email our team in the Contact Us section below to begin your battery recycling journey with Lithium Australia today.

I’m interested in working for Lithium Australia, how do I go about expressing interest or finding open roles?

We are always looking to broaden our team with exceptional people, our open roles can be found on our careers page. If there are no roles open today that are relevant to your experience, you’re welcome to submit an email to

Can I invest in Lithium Australia or any of its subsidiaries?

It is possible to invest in Lithium Australia as this is a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with ticker LIT. The most common way to buy and sell shares is by using an online broking service or a full service broker.