VSPC Pty Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lithium Australia Ltd (‘LIT’).

A nanotechnology company, VSPC is focused on the efficient design, manufacture and supply of complex high-purity, high-performance  cathode materials – in particular lithium ferro phosphate (‘LFP’) and lithium manganese ferro phosphate (‘LMFP’) – initially at pilot-plant scale and then on to large-scale production.

VSPC can ‘tailor’ its cost-effective cathode formulations for lithium-ion batteries (‘LIBs’) and aims to supply customers on an international basis.

VSPC’s pilot plant in Brisbane, Australia comprises an electrochemistry laboratory and pilot-plant production facility.

Market opportunities

Demand for battery-based energy storage is experiencing exponential growth globally. That demand is driven by, for example, the burgeoning desire for and production of electric vehicles, stationary energy storage systems (both domestic and industrial) and portable appliances and tools, not to mention all manner of electronic devices.

Independent market forecasts conservatively project that demand for the cathode materials in LIBs will exceed US$10 billion by 2025. Indeed, Avicenne Energy predicts that the cathode material market will grow to 400,000 tonnes per annum by that same year. VSPC’s advanced technologies are ideal for the production of such cathode materials.


VSPC’s proprietary, patented and scaleable manufacturing technologies are low-energy and low-waste. Cathode materials in particular can be ‘tailored’ to meet specific energy-storage needs; processes are precisely formulated at the molecular level, with both physical and electrochemical properties controlled on the nano-scale.

VSPC’s solution-based processes use surfactants and smart fluid chemistry to manipulate and control primary particle size while achieving solid-phase purity and consistent chemical composition.

In summary then, VSPC technologies are efficient, cost-competitive and produce better quality and high-performance materials. This gives VSPC a strong competitive advantage globally in the production of multiple cost-effective, high-performance metal oxides and other cathode materials.


VSPC is receptive to the ideas of potential customers and end-users regarding the development of new and complex metal oxides and other cathode materials for use in diverse applications, and is particularly invested in modifying existing processes to promote sustainability and a cleaner environment.

To that end, VSPC’s experienced management and scientific teams welcome opportunities to discuss specific needs and how best to achieve them. For further information, contact VSPC here.